Workouts for Better Liver Function

liver functioning

To live a happy and healthy life you need to make sure every organ in your body is working fine. His includes the heart, brain, and digestive system along with all the other organs. Most people focus on the function of the heart because they feel it is the vital organ but in real life, you are not just relying on one vital organ, instead, you will be relying on all the vital organs including your kidneys, liver, brain, and heart. In case any of the organs stop working, other organs will follow the path.

All the organs within our body are connected and since the liver is responsible for detoxification you need a healthy liver so your organs can have a clean environment. In case your liver is not functioning properly. Your blood will be filled with impurities and this will then impact your digestion along with your heart function, and transportation of nutrients eventually your skin and eyes will also face the impact. Overall, without proper liver functioning, you will have to face a lot of issues.

The List of Important Liver Functions

There are so many different functions that are performed by your liver. Although most people highlight the purification function there is so much more to liver functioning than just purifying your blood. Here are some of the most common liver functions that help our body to work properly.

  • The liver helps with the metabolism of protein along with carbs and fats.
  • The liver is responsible for excreting the bile which facilitates the digestion
  • The liver is responsible for the production of cholesterol, bilirubin along with other essential hormones required for growth
  • The liver is also responsible for activating the enzyme in our body
  • It is especially important because it helps in storing the essential vitamins along with mineral and glycogen
  • The liver is also important because it helps in the production of plasma protein which is important for healing wounds and sealing injuries.
  • The most important function of the liver is that it helps with the purification of the blood.
  • The Impact of Bad Liver Functioning

    Bad liver functioning can be recognized with the help of so many different symptoms. However, some of the ways you will be able to tell if your liver is not functioning properly will mainly include:

    • Your skin and sclera of eyes will become yellow
    • The abdominal pain will become common and you will also feel swelling
    • Constant swelling in the weight-bearing joints especially ankles
    • Blistering on skin, itchy, redness, and irritation
    • Pale and dark urine and stool.
    • restlessness and constant fatigue
    • upset stomach especially vomiting and nausea
    • inconsistent appetite
    • prone to injury
  • Top 3 Exercises That Can Help You Boost Liver Function

    Apart from a good lifestyle and a healthy diet, focusing on exercise is also important because it will help you improve your blood circulation which will eventually improve the healing and smooth transportation of necessary nutrients and oxygen as well. Here are three main exercises that you must add to your day-to-day workout plan if you want to take care of your liver function.

    Strength Training Workout

    This workout is usually known as the weight training workout as well. Within this workout, you will be required to lift some weight and maintain a good breathing ratio. This workout will not only help you improve your strength and increase the endurance of your body but also helps in the absorption of nutrients. This is also good for stronger bones, better muscle strength, and good for liver issues.

    Aerobic Exercise

    Aerobic exercises like cycling, running, and walking is very important for improving blood circulation. This will eventually help in improving heart health and also in providing oxygenated blood to all the major organs. This will especially help the liver function by better and more vigorous blood pumping.


    Yoga is one of the most recommended workouts for better liver functioning. So far most people who face issues with liver functioning have seen improvement in the health of their liver when they start yoga. The basic idea is that yoga helps in facilitating blood transportation in any area you want and most of the techniques are very low impact so there is no side effect. Moreover, yoga is very good for skin and cardiac health which makes it one of the best workouts.

    For beginners who are not familiar with yoga, here are some of the best poses that you must try and add to your workout routine.


    Commonly known as the child pose, this pose is perfect for improving blood circulation in the core region. Most of us keep sitting upright throughout our day and this can cause discomfort in the liver, stomach, and lower back region. With the help of the Balasana pose, you will see improvement in lower back pain along with your digestion and liver function.

  • Naukasana

    This pose is commonly known as the boat pose because you will be making a rocking boat with your body. You will be gripping your toes with the help of your hand and then keep your butt on the floor while the rest of your body will be lifting in the air. You will feel the impact mainly in the core area.


    This pose is also called the bow pose and so far it is the most challenging one but with practice, you will be able to master this pose as well. For this pose, you will start by laying on your tummy and then lifting the hands behind you to grip your toes or your feet. Then you will make an inverted boat so your tummy and core will be the only portion supporting your body weight while the rest of your body will stay above the ground.

  • Bottom Line

    To sum it all up, it all comes down to a balanced diet with a good lifestyle. Relying on workouts is not enough especially if you have been diagnosed with liver abnormality. However, if you are noticing the difference but have not been diagnosed yet, there is a high chance that it can be adjusted with a good diet, lifestyle change, and a workout. While selecting the workout, your goal should be to improve the blood circulation near the liver area so you can see improvement and your liver gets enough supply of fresh blood for healing. In most cases, people alter their food and get medication but they don’t change their lifestyle so eventually, they fall into the same trap and the body gets back to malfunctioning. The best way to improve liver function is to develop a continuous effort that can get you through the whole process and then track down the progress eventually so you can see the improvement.

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