Best Oblique Muscles Exercises Straight Out Of an MMA Fighter’s Secret Book

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Being an MMA fighter, you need to have power-blasting energy. This is the reason you will see that MMA fighters are much more powerful and tough than most other athletes. Since you have to stay strong, take punches, defend yourself and also make sure you stay sane and control your emotions and then come up with a good strategy to beat the opponent, this requires a lot of willpower. Moreover, your core strength should be really good especially if your goal is to keep your body balanced and not get knocked out within minutes.

This is the reason you will see that a good MMA fighter will invest their time in a powerful core workout. Experts explain that MMA fighters with core strengths can easily channel their strengths for a much better output as compared to fighters who only focus on their arm strength. Even for delivering the punch, the power should not just lie in the fist but also in the core, elbow, upper back, shoulder, and chest area. In case you focus only on the arm, your punch will be very weak and you will not be able to focus on the strength of your muscles.

What Are Oblique Muscles And Why They Are Important For MMA Fighters?

Most of the time when we think about the core strength of a fighter we only think about the area that is used as abs. You will notice that people with well-defined abs are known to have a stronger core, however, your core is not just one muscle; instead, it consists of a group of muscles arranged together. The muscles right in your chest are different from the muscles you see on the sides and similar to the muscles you will see a little below are different from the muscles you will see right in front of your stomach. When you work on core strength you are not just working on one muscle set instead you are working on all the muscles located in that abdominal area. This includes all the muscles for protection of the body, definition of core, and also for strength.

Since the core is responsible for balancing our body, the strength of the core is very important if you want to stay in the ring and fight for a long time. This is the reason most MMA fighters keep practicing balancing skills and focusing on the strength of their abs. If you want to train your oblique muscles, you have to know their exact location.

Oblique muscles are located along the side of your waist. They start to form the rib café area and lead to the hip bone. These muscles are essential for twisting your torso and bending downwards as you keep flowing. This is the reason when you are attacked by an opponent and you need to move out of the way to avoid the punch, these muscles play an important role in helping you not only avoid the punches but also make sure that you can also balance your weight.

Moreover, these muscles also support your back so when you move back to avoid the punch, your back doesn’t feel the jerk because they work as shock absorbers.

5 Best Oblique Muscles Exercises for Strength and Productivity

Side Plank

This is one of the most used and most rewarding workouts when it comes to training your Oblique Muscles. You will have to get into the plank position and then switch to one side by retaining your weight on just one side.

You also have to make sure that as you shift to one side, you keep the time running and then eventually switch so you don’t stay on the same side. To make it more fun, you can extend the other arm and then curve it to go down and touch your upper back.

Heel Tap

This is the most fun workout and you will get speedy results as well. The goal is to lay down on your back and then fold your knees. After that you will have to extend your arms fully and then with the tip of your fingers you will touch the heel. Since you can’t touch both heels at the same time you will have to go one by one, this will create a very steady movement where you will touch one heel followed by the other and then toward the first again.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbing is a very interesting workout where you will be staying on the ground a bit mimicking the pose of climbing the mountain. You will have to get into the push-up position and then bring your left knee towards the left side of the chest and then back followed by bringing the right knee towards the right side of the chest and then back.

Bicycle Crunches

This is a little intense workout but you will get to notice the results quickly. You will have to start by laying down on the floor and then bend your knee at 90 degrees to make a triangle shape with the flow.

Now tuck your hands under the nape of your neck and get your feet in the air. Now with the elbow try reaching out to your sides. You have to make sure that you are not straining your muscles. Instead, you are taking time to complete each cycle before you start another one.

Bird Dog

This is a fun yoga-based workout that you might have come across. You will get on all fours and then bring the opposite limbs in the air. For instance, you will extend the left hand and the right leg in the air and keep them there before you bring them back to the initial position.

Words From Health Sectors:

To sum it all up, thinking of the core as just one muscle has caused some major misconceptions that can further cause injury. The best way to target your oblique muscles is to get a progressive approach where you can target the muscles with different exercises at the same time. Most people start with one exercise and stick to it for a long time, so eventually, the body stops responding to the same exercise. Moreover, if the exercise is repeated over and over, you will be targeting just one muscle group only. A more holistic approach is to target them all with different exercises so you can get much better results.

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