7 Ways to Lose Weight for Super Lazy People

Weight Loss

It always seems like summer sneaks up on us faster than we are ready for. If you want to skip the gym and still looking for how to lose weight for lazy people? quickly and effortlessly then you will like what we have in store for you. 

Healthsectors.net presents 7 simple ways how can a lazy person lose weight?

#1 Tighten your belt:

A lot of us have pretty much zero self-control when it comes to having a plate of delicious food in front of us. But, you don’t set certain limits for yourself things quickly snowball out of control and you can end up with unwanted pounds. But, there is a really simple and practical approach you can use to change the situation for the better. Simply tie a ribbon around your waist before every meal. When you feel it becoming too tight that’s the signal for you to stop eating there you go no more overeating’s as easy as that.

#2 Drink from tall glasses:

We get a surprisingly large part of the calories we need not from foods but from drinks. That’s why whenever you are putting together a healthy menu for yourself you should not forget about beverages. Furthermore, don’t stress over drinking water or sugar-free stuff. All you have to do is drink what you like from a tall glass that seems paradoxical. One cup of juice contains around 130 calories and around 20 grams of sugar. You can chope this amount down if you drink it from a tall glass. That’s because on average we pour 20 to 30% less liquid into tall thin glasses than we do short ones. Try this psychological trick out and you will definitely see a great change.

#3 Eat with a timer:

One more good method to avoid overeating is to set a timer for every meal you have. These days almost everybody has an insanely busy schedule and when you rush while you are eating you are bound to overeat. This happens because your brain just does not have enough time to get the signal from your stomach when it’s actually full. So, whenever you are about to sit down for a meal, set a timer for 20 minutes and try to eat slowly. 

#4 Take hot baths:

Researchers from England’s lowe burrow university have made an extremely interesting discovery. Hot water doesn’t help you relax, it also makes you lose weight. During their studies, they found that spending one hour in a hot bathtub burns about 130 calories. That’s basically the amount that you lose after walking 30 minutes plus your blood sugar level also decreased by 10 percent, just one more reason to pamper yourself with a hot bubble bath.

#5 Always keep a bowl of fruit on the table:

You know that they say out of sight out of mind. Well, the same goes the other way around: try to keep a bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter or on the table. Consistently researchers have found that when you continually see good food varieties you program yourself to eat healthier. It’s sort of like eating with your eyes. 

#6 Sit at the end of a table:

It might sound strange but eating your place at the table can make a difference, when it comes to your weight it’s pure logic. When you sit at a table surrounded by extremely tempting foods it’s almost impossible not to eat them but if you sit at the end of the table you are likely to skip out on certain foods because they are harder to reach.  The true lazybones out there know what I am saying. This trick is especially good for holidays or dinner parties where there is always a huge banquet sprawled out on the table. And when everybody else is complaining about feeling bloated and weighed down after dinner you will be sitting pretty. Thanks to this weapon.

#7 Cut food into small pieces:

Another great way to trick yourself into less eating is to cut your food into small pieces. This will give your brain the impression that there is more on the plate than there is actually thanks for this. You will feel full much faster and won’t overeat using a smaller plate and replacing your silverware with chopsticks works the same way. And if you combine this method with the timer trick we have mentioned earlier you will get even better results.

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