5 Foods That Have Almost 0 Calories:

0 Calories

Burning fat from stubborn areas like your belly love handles and hips can be really challenging. Because cutting your calories can easily leave you feeling deprived, hungry, and miserable. But, the good news is that there are several foods that taste great and can help you up for almost zero calories.


Healthsectors.net provides you with 5 of the best foods that have almost zero calories. Let’s discuss it!


1: Shirataki noodles:

Shirataki noodles

Shirataki noodles are also referred to as konjac noodles or miracle noodles and they are called miracle noodles for a reason. These noodles are unique because they are very filling yet very low in calories. Just an eight-ounce serving contains only about 20 calories, meanwhile, the same amount of regular pasta could cost you as much as 300 calories. On top of the fact that Shiraki noodles are low in calories. The calories come in the form of insoluble fiber. When you eat insoluble fiber you end up taking in fewer calories in the form of carbs compared to other forms of carbohydrates like soluble fiber and starches. This is because this type of fiber doesn’t get absorbed entirely. To be exact you only absorb about 1.5 calories per gram of insoluble fiber compare to the four grams that you would absorb if you were eating a regular carbohydrate full of starches or sugar instead. So, this means that for an eight-ounce serving of shirataki noodles. You will effectively only end up with a net intake of seven and a half calories. Making these noodles one of the best carbohydrates for burning fat and one of the best weight loss food in general. Another carbohydrate that is similar to shirataki noodles is slim rice.


2: Slim Rice:

slim rice

It can be used as an alternative to shirataki noodles. It only contains about 7 to 9 calories for every hundred-gram serving. To put that into perspective the same amount of brown rice would cost you a little over 110 calories. Slim rice is also gluten-free and made from NON-GMO konjac flour. This is the same ingredient that is used in shirataki noodles. But you can eat rice instead which might be more suitable for certain meals. And the good news is that the texture and consistency of this product are similar to regular rice. 


3: Zucchini:


Zucchini is mostly made up of water but it can be used to replace one of the highest calorie carb pasta. All of you need is a spiralizer and you can very easily crank out some zucchini noodles. These noodles can be used in many delicious low-calorie meals. One simple option, for example, is to cook them add salsa, and add a little bit of parmesan cheese. And there are plenty of other low-calorie options like pesto zucchini pasta that will blow your mind. Zucchini contains only 17 calories per 100 grams meanwhile the same amount of pasta contains 131 calories. And it’s much less filling on top of all that just like cucumber. Research indicates that zucchini might help reduce and regulate blood sugar levels which can be beneficial for managing hunger cravings. 


4: Pickles:


A whole cup of pickles only has 17 calories and one medium-sized pickle contains only about one gram of carbs. Since pickles are fermented in brine they offered a unique flavor to your diet. And, their multiple flavors for example if you are craving a sweet taste you can get bread and butter spears with no sugar added and they will only cost you around five to seven calories per spear. The one thing that you do want to be careful with is the high amount of salt. Because it can lead to bloating but unless you need to look your best very soon.


5: Watermelon:


Watermelon does not have zero calories it’s very low in calories. A typical fruit contains only 30 calories per 100-gram serving which is about equivalent to two-thirds of a cup. This makes watermelon an amazing weight loss well-disposed food. For example, one study found that if you are overweight people eat two cups of watermelon daily. They, generally end up consuming fewer calories than they otherwise would causing them to lose fat over time. On the other hand, if these overweight participants consume that same number of calories in the form of cookies. They would feel a lot less full which caused them to overeat and gain fat. This drove the scientists to the end that eating watermelon every day could assist with diminishing body weight, BMI, and pulse. One big reason why watermelon is excellent for weight loss is that as the name implies. Watermelon contains about 92% water. 


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