15 Tips to Fitness workout when life gets in the way

Fitness workout

Exercise not only makes us feel but at the same time also makes us last longer. But most of the time starting out is not a problem. The problem is to maintain it. Official UK guidelines suggest that adults should do fitness workout exercises in addition to 150 minutes of moderate activities or 75 minutes of moderate activities each week. When it comes to health we should do more but how to keep the motivation up when it is slipping i.e. the weather takes a turn or life get in the way.

Try these 15 tips from the experts and consultants to keep moving when life gets in the way.

  • Take Slow Start
  • Lighten Up Your Goals
  • Don’t let it heavy on you
  • You don’t have to love it
  • Be Kind to yourself
  • Don’t rely on willpower
  • Find A Purpose
  • Plan and prioritize
  • Delete Guilt
  • Get A Cheering Squad
  • Change it if it doesn’t work
  • Try resistance and balance training as you get old
  • Work out from home
  • Be aware of illness
  • Winter is not an excuse

Take Slow Start

In the beginning, people do everything as the first approach to fitness workouts. They start exercising, stop drinking and smoking, and after a few days start to lose motivation and even get tired. Therefore, it is recommended if you are not in a mood or not yet ready just take your time. If you are tired after adopting plenty of motivation start with slow jogs, swimming, and fast walks between 2-3 rest days intervals and continue it at least for a month. 

Lighten Up Your Goals

At present, your fitness workout goals might be too high for you especially in the case when you are new to exercise. Beginners want to go for maximal goals but they tend to get buried. Therefore, in the beginning, it is recommended not to go for high goals instead keep your goals minimum, relevant, and short which is the key to success in the beginning. As and when life gets in your way to exercise try lightening up your goals instead of going for too big. Exercising 20-30 minutes each day is good for health as well as minimal.

Don’t let it heavy on you

If your exercise is proving heavy you tend to enjoy it. Don’t let your fitness workout be a burden on you instead adopt multitasking during it and carry out the important tasks of your life while performing it. Anything that makes you exercise while also completing other goals on the other end may help says Sniehotta. In this way, it will not prove difficult for you and you will be pre-motivated in doing it. Let’s take an example you can take a jog, walk or cycle to work. It is best not only to reach the office but also can make you improve your health on the other end.

You don’t have to love it

Try to make yourself not do the things you dislike or get bored in doing that. There are plenty of activities that were not worth doing but you love it doing in your childhood. The activities like roller skating, bike riding, and others are the most liked and performed activities of kids in their childhood. However, according to the expert, you don’t have to like doing exercise. There are a lot of elements good in a fitness program and you don’t have to love it to stick to it. The physical response of the body and the feeling of getting stronger and the pleasure that comes after performing the exercise do not need you to love this sport. Sniehotta says most of the time obvious choices are not the ones people enjoy. So you have to look outside yourself. You can try different sports or simple things like sharing activities with other people.

Don’t rely on willpower

The reason is if you don’t have the willpower in doing sometimes you will not do it. You do not all the time have to rely on willpower in performing the exercise. Instead think from different perspectives I.e. why I am doing that, what benefits it is bringing to me? how it is keeping me active and making me available for other tasks etc. Instead, willpower adopts fun in the fitness workout exercises, if you can’t get motivated you may be doing the wrong thing and it is not worth doing that.

Find A Purpose

Multitasking with exercising is the best option to stick to it for a longer time period without getting bored. Meanwhile exercising you can complete your other plenty of work as well. In this way, it will not prove of higher cost and will not be heavy on you. In such an instance you can listen to songs during your fitness workout. You can adopt swimming not only to fresh yourself, and enjoy the summer but at the same time also to burn the unnecessary calories from your body.

Plan and prioritize

What if you do not find time to exercise? For many people working two jobs with extensive and extra caring responsibilities, it might be true that they do not find time for fitness exercises. It all depends on planning and prioritizing. Your first step should be planning where you plan where, when, and in which manner you are going to do it, and make yourself stick to it. The second step is copying planning listing the things that can get in its way and putting a plan into place on how to get motivated for it. Today’s problem with the majority is they don’t allow themselves to prioritize self-caring tasks like fitness programs.

Delete Guilt

If you miss it a day or two don’t be angry with me. Instead, motivate yourself that it is a journey to your fitness exercises and deal with the setbacks in a way to it. Don’t allow the misstep as a reason to give up exercise.

Get A Cheering Squad

If there are many it will be hard for you to leave. Try to make your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbor your exercise partner in a struggle to burn calories fast. Your cheering squad will prove to be of great help if life and motivation are getting in your way to exercise.

Change it if it doesn’t work

If it rains for a week meanwhile you abandon exercising after then you feel guilt. It is a combination of emotions as well as lack of confidence that is making you guilt yourself. However, failing 1-2 times doesn’t mean that you fail forever. If previous fitness workouts are not working for you and still you are not losing weight, then it’s time to try something new. If you are not losing weight for a couple of weeks don’t blame yourself for it.

Instead, try to adapt to change. It doesn’t mean that the methods working for others will definitely work for you. Change is always the beginning of a new journey you just have to keep your confidence high.

Try resistance and balance training as you get old

You start to lose muscle mass over the age of 30. Resistance training such as press-ups, body weight, and equipment such as resistance bands prevent the muscle mass or at least slow it down. Also at the age of 30 body demand for aerobic exercise increases instead we recommend you add balance challenges because as we grow old we start to lose balance. Resistance and balance training will not only make you not lose muscle mass but at the same time will also keep you active at older ages.

Fitness Workout from home

Working out from home is the best as and when life gets in the way of your fitness program. Roberts says if you have plenty of caring responsibilities you can also try it within your bedroom. In the living room, it is easy to do routine exercises such as arm and leg exercises it is called Peripheral Heart Action Training. Doing 6-8 exercises daily, this effect of going up and down not only fits the heart to support the entire body but also makes the metabolism fit. By doing this you are rising your heart rate thus keeping your muscles active and body fit. Such exercises take not more than 15-20 minutes and also do not require complex gym equipment.

Be aware of an illness

In accordance with the gym experts if it is above the neck, a headache, or cold. In accordance with how you are feeling in headache or cold, you can still perform some sort of fitness workout. If it is below the neck and you are facing trouble breathing then rest. The key is to be aware of it. On the other hand, if you are planning a high-intensity workout then you have to keep your pace slow, however, in illness, you also have to move some to make you feel better.

Winter is not an excuse

Thompson says winter is not necessarily a time to hibernate. You have to plan to put your trainers by the door and not to get afraid of the cold. It is the same while you are going to the gym.


We have mentioned some of the problems above with their proper solutions as and when life gets in your way. Following all of the above-mentioned solutions will cause no resistance in your way to the fitness program. 

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